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 Manufacturing Fixture

This machine was designed by Power Torque for the fast food industry. It was created to combine three manual functions into just one, therefore, saving more than ten minutes of labor time per each unit produced. Our customer previously would have three separate stations to build this component; one to measure the tolerances of the stainless steel components, another to drill, tap and modify to get the component ready for assembly, and another for the assembly process.

The engineers at Power Torque reviewed this process and created a solution that would streamline the operation by using just one machine to perform all three functions, and at the same time, make a better, more accurate product in about half of the time that it used to take.

Our design implemented plc technology from IDEC to control all of the processes necessary for this machine. Most of the actuation was done by BOSTON GEAR pneumatics; and vacuum cups and pumps were used to secure the product during all of these operations. All of the design and machining of parts, welding, and assembly was performed by Power Torque, therefore, if any problems would arise in the future, our customer only has to go to one company to resolve any issues.

Our customer recently was awarded an order for more than 23,000 units, and part of the reason that they were given the order was solely due to this machine. Because of this machine, our customer is able to offer a more accurate product at a lower cost, and deliver the product sooner than their competition.

This is just another example of how Power Torque’s knowledge and expertise can provide a solution for you.


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