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Magnet Laminator

This machine completely automated a manual process in which our customer would have to dedicate two people to perform this operation. This customer told Power Torque about their situation, our engineers designed this solution, our customer accepted the concept and ordered the machine. We designed, built, tested, and delivered the machine before the actual due date.

This machine laminates an adhesive backed magnetic sheet to a pictured paper with a clear coat finish. After this process, the laminated product is then die cut to make advertising magnets.

We utilized top quality components throughout, as well as specialty components like magnetic particle controls and brakes made by MAGPOWR, regenerative torque controlling drives made by GRAHAM DRIVES , and ultrasonic sensors. The Magpowr control coordinates most of the machine functions while displaying the preset parameters along with current machine progress. There is a waste wind up roll that is controlled with an ultrasonic sensor and a regenerative d.c. torque control, an unwind roll for the magnetic sheeting which is controlled using a magnetic particle brake and ultrasonic sensor, and a powered adjustable nip roll utilizing a d.c. motor control with an analog follower card and an ultrasonic sensor. Our customer required 30 feet per minute, which we supplied; but we also designed the machine so that it will be able to supply 60 feet per minute in the future, and the only adjustments that will need to be made are simple board level speed pot adjustments. No other modifications will be necessary.

The laminator will be used in conjunction with two other machines, one that feeds it and one that receives the product and then die cuts it. We designed the unit to follow the feeding machine, so basically only one power button, and one speed pot are needed to adjust all three of the machines, therefore making this a completely automatic process with only minimal attention required.

This machine like everything else that we sell, comes with service after the sale, and a guarantee of total satisfaction. We are not satisfied until you are, and for more than 40 years, this same statement has not changed, and it has fueled our growth from a little two man shop, to what Power Torque is today.



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