:::: Attachment Chain


One of our OEM customers invited Power Torque to review their manufacturing process, mainly to try to improve the manufacturing time it takes them to build a machine. One of the major contributors to the long manufacturing time was the need for special attachment chain. Every machine that this customer builds is different, and the special attachment chain lengths vary from machine to machine. When our customer would receive the order for the machine from their customer, they would immediately order the long lead time items, and the chain would usually take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. They would build the entire machine, but could not test, troubleshoot, or deliver the machine until the chain would arrive. Because the required chains vary from 54 inches to over 100 feet in length, and the special attachment spacings are always different, nothing could be stocked to improve the delivery.

Our solution for the customer was for Power Torque to start manufacturing the chain. We are able to perform this at our facility, and we were able to offer same day delivery for the identical product that used to take up to 10 weeks to receive, and Power Torque was actually able to lower the price to our customer.

Now the machine that used to take 10 weeks to build and ship, now routinely takes about 2 weeks. Our customer is so pleased with our solution, that they recently named Power Torque their main vendor, and have since stopped buying from their previous suppliers that failed to improve their manufacturing process.

This is just one more example of how Power Torque’s expertise can become an asset for you and your company.





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