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This Mounting Base was designed by Power Torque to overcome a few obstacles not ordinarily found when engineering a typical Motor / Speed reducer mounting base.

This assembly replaced a hollow output Flender gearbox using a Sumitomo Paramax speed reducer rated for 186 hp. Because the output shaft of the speed reducer will be mounting directly into the hollow bore of the machine, the mounting dimensions were very critical.  And because there are existing structures that could not be moved, portions of the mounting base width could not exceed 15 inches, but at the same time, had to be able to support a 150 hp Leeson motor, Falk fluid coupling, and the Sumitomo Gear unit which all totalled about 1900 lbs.

The engineers at Power Torque designed this unit using a concept that is somewhat uncommon here in the U.S., but we had seen this "UniBeam" type construction used in South America, and decided that it would work well in this situation. This design also worked well considering that the top and bottom mounting surfaces could not vary more than 21 inches +/- .003 from each other. We were able to hold these tolerances by using our expertise in design, and manufacturing .

The total system was designed, built, assembled and delivered in less than two weeks from date of purchase.


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