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This assembly consisted of a 75 hp energy efficient Baldor Motor coupled by Falk fluid coupling to a Falk 2090 Y speed reducer with a Falk 1140T Steelflex output coupling.

Our customer called us on a Tuesday afternoon stating that one of their main conveyors had broken down, and the Foote Jones speed reducer was currently on the conveyor had broken down beyond repair. The best delivery they could get for the replacement unit was 3 weeks, and needless to say, they could not wait that long.

Power Torque was called in to examine the problem, and after just a few hours of consultation with the customer and the Falk Corporation, it looked as though we could provide a complete turn-key replacement using Falk and Baldor components, and could have the completed unit delivered to the conveyor location by that Friday afternoon. Falk did an exemplary job of building the gearbox in just over one day, and while the paint was still tacky, two volunteers from Power Torque loaded the 2090 Y and the couplings into our flatbed, and drove through the night from Milwaukee to St. Louis. Thursday the complete unit was assembled, and Power Torque delivered the entire turn-key package late Thursday evening. 

Our customer was so impressed by Power Torque's "immediate response and above and beyond  actions" that they named us as their Supplier of the Year. They were also extremely pleased that they were not charged a breakdown or surcharge fee.

Power Torque has been in business for more than 40 years, and part of the reason for this is, that we do not consider this type of job "above and beyond", we knew that our customer was in need, and our experience was able to help them get through a very difficult and costly situation.


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