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Automatic Element Press

The Element Press was designed to help one of our customer's increase their heating element production ten fold. Our customer employed one person full time to fabricate heating elements that eventually would be used in food warmers. 

Our customer asked Power Torque to assess their manufacturing process, and we proposed the idea of the Element Press. Our design incorporated manufacturing jigs that required the operator to insert a layer of foil, then the heating element, and then another layer of foil that also included an adhesive that would bond the three components together. 

The engineers at Power Torque designed this equipment to utilize PLC and pneumatic technology. We are able to offer an automatic process that requires the operator to insert one of the fore mentioned jigs, and then the press will apply the correct amount of pressure for a pre-determined amount of time, and within seconds the component is complete, instead of minutes which the old process required. Now it takes less than one day to make a week's worth of elements, and the employee that was dedicated to only making elements, is now able to perform other functions the other 4 days of the week.


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