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Self Propelled Floor Treating Machine 

The Floor Treating machine is a unique project that Power Torque designed and built. The purpose of this machine is to remove electrical static from a surface so that another process such as painting or printing can be applied to the surface. 

This particular machine is self propelled, and can be fully operated by one person, and it's main purpose is to prepare gymnasium and roller hockey floors so that they can be painted with the school or rink's logo and boundary lines.

The process involves using numerous transformers that increase the voltage, and the high voltage is then applied to floor using small blowers that actually blow the arc onto or near the floors surface, virtually eliminating static electricity so that the paint and or stickers will adhere to the floor. This unit has traveled across the country preparing floors for colleges, stadiums, and roller rinks. Because many of the components on this machine are unique, and can not be found anywhere else, Power Torque had to design components such as the blower control boards and the drive / differential assembly so that this one of a kind machine would operate properly and efficiently.


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